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So who won the VP debate?

Covered by Obamacare?

Even the media can’t tell. The morning-after headlines say it depends – are you asking a Democrat or a Republican? Bottom line is the polls are pretty well evenly split unlike the camera shots during the debate. There’s no doubt whose side the networks favor.

Personally, I got tired of Biden’s interrupting to take away Ryan’s opportunity to speak, and Martha Raddatz did not perform perfectly in holding him accountable though she did do a far superior job than her counterpart moderating the candidates for the Presidential race. That said, she was out to pin Ryan down for facts, but let Biden escape with generalities and words like “stuff.”

Did you notice the camera shots? Every time Ryan spoke, Biden’s pearly whites also showed up because of the split screen. (Kudos to Joe’s dentist.) When Biden had the floor, however, he often held the camera’s full attention and the full screen. Is this intentional? Absolutely. We even changed channels to see if this was the case on another station. It was.

Give me a break. I suppose I am naïve in the fact that I want objective news. Give me the facts so that I can make up my own mind. Unfortunately, the networks (Whose payroll are they on?) decided that we, the American voters, are stupid. We are incapable of making a decision without their subliminal messages directing us toward their candidate.

I’m putting my money on Ryan. He listened to the questions and both respectfully and clearly articulated his answers, and to me, they made sense. He even did it without the drama of a smirking smile. But then if I had spent as much on my teeth as Biden obviously has, I’d want to show them off too.