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Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff

RowhomesinPhila_sh-231x239I read my friend Jane’s blog this morning and had to chuckle at the situation which triggered fear and trepidation in her heart. She had been playing with her cousins and ran into the wrong house to escape their capture. It reminded me of a similar experience I had.

Growing up, we lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but all of our relatives continued to live in Roxborough. Though on the fringes, Roxborough is still considered part of the city. Though only around age 4 or 5, I loved going out front to play because in this row-homed community, they had sidewalks. Evidently it was quite safe in those days because my mother let me out there by myself. That said, all of the houses looked alike. I did not think that I had traveled far, but evidently I lost my bearings because when nature called, I went to the front door of what I thought was my relative’s house and tried to get in. Though the screen door was open and you could see the people inside, the door was locked. When I asked to be let in, they emphatically said, “No.”

These people did not look familiar to me, but neither did some of my family members because we did not see them often, so I did not think that part strange.  Thinking they wanted me to go to the back door because I was a kid, I told them my need and insisted they let me in due to the urgent nature of my business. Their response was the same. Realizing I had made a mistake in going to the wrong house, I promptly returned to the sidewalk and cried for my mother. She came out of the house next door and expressed her disdain for my carrying on. I was mortified. I, like Jane, was also afraid the people would call the police, but evidently they chalked it up to a mere annoyance.

Today, I look back to the situation and laugh. I cannot believe how naïve I was to think I would end up in jail for a minor mistake. It makes me wonder how in years to come I will view circumstances that I now perceive to be horrendous. As I look back, I may not find them humorous, but this I do know. I will have realized that they had limits. The situation was much smaller than I had initially imagined, and an end came to the problem. Something else soon moved into it’s place. Hopefully too, I will have learned some valuable lesson or experienced a measure of growth. If nothing else, I can realize that there is always hope, and life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.