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Who thinks up this stuff?

Do you ever wonder who thinks up some of the more bizarre holidays? 

If you need a reason to celebrate, you can always find an occasion here. In fact, already this month you have missed: 

  • National Pig Day (3/1)
  • If Pets had Thumbs Day (3/3)
  • Be Nasty Day (3/8) – This may explain a lot
  • National Pi Day (3/14) – 3.14 is the value of pi 

Although these are national holidays in the US, there is a global celebration on March 21 that you may be missing. My good friend blogged about it today in Ode to World Poetry Day

As holidays tend to do, it brought back thoughts of the past and school requirements to memorize some of the more highly acclaimed poems. Though I saw no reason for it then, I have come to appreciate the talent and effort necessary to accomplish a renowned piece. Interestingly, I still recall these lines from Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

“And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” 

I think the reason these words have stuck with me over the years may stem from my To-Do list always seeming longer than my 24-hour allotment for completing it. Too often I feel guilty about taking time to enjoy the moment. Yet Frost does take a little respite until his self-talk motivates him to get back on track to more pressing activities. Generally, his thoughts echo in my mind and get me moving too. 

Although I enjoy writing poetry on rare but special occasions, it’s not my forte. I do, however, appreciate the skill and economy required to capture thoughts or paint vivid pictures with concise clarity. So Happy World Poetry Day to all poets, both aspiring and published. 

For those of you who are not into poetry, stay tuned for March 26, which is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. (What do you think? Do we need another reason to celebrate?)