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Is there room in the mall?

DSCN1040Ah, the joys of Christmas. You know, making the list, checking it twice then hitting the mall to find that perfect gift for each one on it. This would be no problem if you were the only one shopping, but everyone else is there doing the same thing. And it is often contending with all those other people that robs you of that holiday joy. Sure, your arms are tired and your feet hurt, but they pale in comparison to waiting in long lines and trying to maneuver among throngs of frantic shoppers through narrow aisles and busy walkways and ecalators. What’s even worse is that some of those irritated individuals came with you. No wonder Scrooge avoided the mall. There was no room for him.

Those of the family of David, living at the time of Jesus’ birth, experienced a similar scenario. People from all over, not just their town, converged on Bethlehem to register for Caesar’s tax. They weren’t pleased to add one more thing to their already busy schedules nor did they want to travel so far just to battle the crowds. They needed food and lodging, but as Mary and Joseph soon found out, there was no room for them in the inn. Only a stable offered them shelter from the cold night air, and here Mary gave birth to the Savior and welcomed shepherds who came to see the babe in the manger. The angel’s message and song had prepared their sin-weary hearts. Not only did they worship but they also enthusiastically spread the message to others.

Does it make you wonder what people, absorbed in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, would do if out of the blue an angel (or someone who sounded like one) appeared and just started to sing the true message of Christmas? Would there be room in the mall? Click here to see.