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Warning for all high school graduates

Since the first days of September, you’ve been thinking about graduation day, but more, perhaps, as a closing, and rightly so. It’s the end of a phase of your education and life. Now things will change. These changes will be far from subtle as were the ones from grade to grade. They will be drastic in comparison, and they’ll come at you fast.

Remember the sing-songy mantra you used to chant at the beginning of summer vacation? “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks”? In one sense, your dreams have come true. Seriously. Even if you’re going on to college, those days are gone. Nothing will be the same. Sure, you’ll have classes with pencils (now replaced by technology) and books (now coming with huge price tags and little resale value), but the classroom will change. The teacher’s dirty looks will no longer come as a result of mischievous behavior. Instead, they will challenge your previous 18 years at the core and possibly the entire foundation of your life, especially if you are a Christian or hold traditional values. Are you ready?

Many college professors project a persona of having all of the answers and view you as an unenlightened blank page on which to write their agenda. Their goal is not to see you learn to think so that you can become the innovators of tomorrow; rather, they want you to join them as they espouse their theories of the way the world should be based not on lofty ideals or fact, but on failed programs from the past. Their goal? Land you like a fish – hook, line and sinker. Are you ready?

One thing you’ll learn in your history classes is history repeats itself because people ignore the results achieved the first time around. Sometimes they just rewrite it altogether. I achieved my degree a lot later in life and watched professors distort facts about some of the time periods I had already lived through as an adult. This coupled with the way they changed the events themselves helped me recognize what they could do to young people unless they were prepared. Some of the sources they quoted had fancy names, but no real quantitative results to substantiate their data. To be fair, some of these proponents are only repeating what they had been taught and likely had not done their own research. If I were just coming out of high school, however, I might not have been as well prepared to see through their views. Are you ready?

With today’s ready access to technology, you have resources available to challenge the best classroom orators. Don’t be so quick to toss out your core values. God does not change nor do His principles. If you want to know truth, go to the source. The Bible will not take you down the wrong path. Are you ready?

Just for fun, check out this video to see how things used to be, why they were that way and how things are changing. You or even your parents, just might be a part of making a real difference. BTW — CONGRATULATIONS!

June Celebrations

In our family, June is a busy month with fifteen members celebrating either a birthday or anniversary. This year we’re also adding two graduations to the mix. To say that we should consider investing in Hallmark stock is an understatement.

For those who have no weddings or 2012 graduations, be of good cheer.  You still have cause to celebrate, and it may not even require any cash outlay.

June 5, aka Festival of Popular Delusions Day, provides a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of a quality or what otherwise might be considered a short coming and celebrate it. Just think. You could create your own slogan, promote it on Facebook and you and hundreds of your closest friends can enjoy the day free of charge.  I’m going for “Connect with Clutter” so I don’t have to clean my office, but I doubt it will catch on – especially with my husband, aka Mr. Clean.  How about “Pound Proud” for those who on other days might need to lose a few. Celebrate today start your weight reduction program tomorrow. I think it might have potential.

What about June 16 and National Hollerin’ Contest Day? I’m not sure if I’d be interested in judging this event, but I have a neighbor who could provide some stiff competition to any contenders.

If you don’t mind spending a little, you might consider either June 20, National Ice Cream Sundae Day or June 22, National Éclair Day. June 29th is National Camera Day, so if you want to upgrade yours, you could be looking at a significant expense.

Need other reasons to celebrate in June? Take your pick of these bizarre holidays. There are 30 from which to choose. Some of them seem rather lame, so here’s a different idea? Why not come up with a list of blessings throughout your life and celebrate those? Seems to me, we’d never run out.