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Where do you wait for travelers arriving at the Philadelphia Airport?

If you’ve ever picked anyone up at the Philly airport, you may have endured a lot of traffic both outside and inside the complex in order to greet your guest(s).  Once you actually arrive, you may think that you have to encounter expensive short-term parking within the terminal a large distance from the baggage claim area.  Not so, Philly now offers another option – a FREE cell phone parking lot where you can wait for your party’s flight to arrive.  In theory, it’s the perfect idea.  No fees for parking and digital signage announcing incoming flights.  Can it get any easier? 

Well, if the digital signage actually reflected all of the incoming flights, especially the one you are waiting for, it might be more helpful.  Nevertheless, if you can connect via cell phone once they land and pick up their baggage, you’ll have no worries. The signage adds more entertainment value than being a critical piece of the process.  With that one call, you’re ready to meet at a designated spot, load up your vehicle and be on your way to bigger and better things. 

It really does work well, in spite of the irregular signage.  Just remember a few things: 

  • Ensure both you and those you are picking up have each other’s cell phone numbers and understand the procedure before the flight.  This may sound like a no brainer, but if neither of you have met previously, this could be critical.  I heard about someone picking up a business guest who patiently waited for his call while the person called a taxi because he thought his ride had not shown up.
  • Have your traveler obtain the proper gate designation before calling you 

Interested in learning more?  Visit http://www.phl.org/cellphonelot.html 

Now, they can devote their time to figure out how to decrease the traffic volume in and around the airport … I think they have job security with this one.