Do you ever talk to yourself?

Sometimes talking to yourself is excellent therapy, and in today’s blog, that is what you will find – a conversation with myself. Auditory learners benefit from this method. I decided to include it in my blog as an encouragement for others who might be struggling in the same way.

Just wondering  …

What do Halloween masks, heights and new ventures have in common? The answer is they are all scary – at least initially.

If a person donning a frightening Halloween mask jumps out at you unaware, you are initially shocked, but the terror ends because logic enters the picture. You realize the person behind the mask has no intent to harm you, and the mask itself has no intrinsic powers beyond the initial reaction.

A fear of heights (acrophobia) may begin as a God-given gift or self-protective mechanism to keep you from danger, yet when a person fails to conquer the anxiety, he can experience a sense of desperation that impacts his lifestyle. For most people, however, taking precautions like tying off a ladder or using protective equipment provides reasonable victory for them to continue to live a normal life. They address the fear by reducing it to a manageable state and do what is in their power to take precautions and make reasonable accommodations.

When it comes to new ventures, stepping into the unknown and trusting resources, both internal and external, can actually cause paralysis for people who otherwise appear quite normal – like me for example. The fear may be rooted in previous rejection, perfectionism or a host of other experiences that have reinforced an illogical perception, but bottom line, it can keep you from pursuing ideas and dreams that might truly be directed by the Lord.

As a Christian I’ve learned that in order to please God, I have to have faith – faith that He is leading and directing me, yet knowledge is only half of it. Knowledge puffs up (pride) and the Bible tells me where that pride will get me. There appears to be more. Knowing what to do is good, but I need to act on it, trusting the Lord to do what He said He would. Perfect love casts out fear, and what more perfect love is there than God’s love for His children. So if paralysis or the lack of moving forward is an issue, I need to name it – call it fear and deal with it. This may be a daily, even moment-by-moment, practice for a while, but God is faithful.

The situation is similar to the problem of the scary mask or fear of heights. In this case, however, I will trust Him and not my own resources to overcome my fear. This actually makes brilliantly logical sense. He is the Almighty. What better resource could I have?

2 thoughts on “Do you ever talk to yourself?

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