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A blogger’s confession

who is a good blogger imageWhere have all the blog posts gone?

You may have wondered if I dropped off the side of the earth because I have not posted anything to the site – at least consistently – since working on my new ezine Golden Gals Only, an inbox magazine for women 50+. Now that it is officially launched and I am into the continuous improvement stage, I can get back to some things that were put on hold. You’ll also be glad to know that Columbus proved the world was not flat as the scientists of his day claimed, so you have no worries about falling off yourself. Makes you wonder what about the scientists of today, but I digress.

The encouragement to continue came from a blogging friend, who primarily but not exclusively writes movie reviews. Likely she has no idea how her Friday blog – Ramblings of a tired woman – impacted me and who knows how many others.

Experiencing a phenomena characteristic of most writers, a.k.a. writer’s block, she had the integrity to post her true feelings and let others know she was human and not a fabulous writing machine. Short and to the point, she still injected her delightful sense of humor as she further displayed her human side.

One of my goals for 2013 is to write quickly, concisely and engagingly. Not easy feats for any writer, but certainly something I can strive for. With Jane’s candor as my model, I plan to use this blog as an exercise to share some things that are important / interesting to me while working towards achieving my 2013 goals.

Thanks for letting me be open with you and don’t forget to check out janemcmaster – true confessions of another blogger.

Pride goes before a fall

pride-before-the-fallMaybe it’s because I was an only child and never had others to ask to pitch in and help me, but for whatever reason I find it hard to ask others for help. Bottom line though, it is an issue of pride, and we all know where that leads. So before I fall, I’m ditching the pride and asking for help.

For months, I have been working to prepare an ezine – an email inbox magazine – for women age 50+. Whether you recognize it or not, there are an increasing number of us, and we’re not ready to settle for the rocking chair. Yet most magazines target the 15 to 45 year olds in their topics. This leaves us feeling a bit disjointed because we have lots of things we’d like information on but eradicating acne is rarely one of them because we’ve been there and done that.

We’re looking for purpose for the second half and ideas and information about our health and wellness as well as weightier issues like dealing with aging parents, serious illness or a myriad of other topics. We also know that we’ve got a lot of experience that can be shared, but wonder how to share it; hence, the arrival of Golden Gals Only.

Here’s where I need to ask for help – there are three areas, really. Even if you don’t fit the category, there are ways you can render assistance.

  • Would you sign up for the FREE newsletter to help me out with numbers or would you pass the sign-up information on to those who are in this category and might be interested?
  • All you need to do to sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter (Monday and Thursday) is go to and add your information in the blue box. You’ll receive an email with a link to click which will confirm your subscription. That’s it!
  • If you know of anyone in this age bracket with a great story or desire to contribute an article to the ezine, would you put them in contact with me via this blog or at my website?
  • Would you pray that this endeavor would bring honor to the Lord? This is of utmost importance to me.

I was touched this morning by a song sung most frequently by George Beverly Shea, who died this week at the age of 104. He is associated most often as having traveled with Billy Graham. His signature song gave me great encouragement as I venture out in what for me is uncharted waters, and I hope the lyrics of  His Eye is on the Sparrow may touch your heart as well.

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Sometimes talking to yourself is excellent therapy, and in today’s blog, that is what you will find – a conversation with myself. Auditory learners benefit from this method. I decided to include it in my blog as an encouragement for others who might be struggling in the same way.

Just wondering  …

What do Halloween masks, heights and new ventures have in common? The answer is they are all scary – at least initially.

If a person donning a frightening Halloween mask jumps out at you unaware, you are initially shocked, but the terror ends because logic enters the picture. You realize the person behind the mask has no intent to harm you, and the mask itself has no intrinsic powers beyond the initial reaction.

A fear of heights (acrophobia) may begin as a God-given gift or self-protective mechanism to keep you from danger, yet when a person fails to conquer the anxiety, he can experience a sense of desperation that impacts his lifestyle. For most people, however, taking precautions like tying off a ladder or using protective equipment provides reasonable victory for them to continue to live a normal life. They address the fear by reducing it to a manageable state and do what is in their power to take precautions and make reasonable accommodations.

When it comes to new ventures, stepping into the unknown and trusting resources, both internal and external, can actually cause paralysis for people who otherwise appear quite normal – like me for example. The fear may be rooted in previous rejection, perfectionism or a host of other experiences that have reinforced an illogical perception, but bottom line, it can keep you from pursuing ideas and dreams that might truly be directed by the Lord.

As a Christian I’ve learned that in order to please God, I have to have faith – faith that He is leading and directing me, yet knowledge is only half of it. Knowledge puffs up (pride) and the Bible tells me where that pride will get me. There appears to be more. Knowing what to do is good, but I need to act on it, trusting the Lord to do what He said He would. Perfect love casts out fear, and what more perfect love is there than God’s love for His children. So if paralysis or the lack of moving forward is an issue, I need to name it – call it fear and deal with it. This may be a daily, even moment-by-moment, practice for a while, but God is faithful.

The situation is similar to the problem of the scary mask or fear of heights. In this case, however, I will trust Him and not my own resources to overcome my fear. This actually makes brilliantly logical sense. He is the Almighty. What better resource could I have?