Whoa! Who knew?

If you’ve got at least one email account, you’ve likely received jokes, humorous or even poignant stories from a friend or colleague accompanied by a call to action to forward it to 10 friends in 10 minutes.

These emails come from well-meaning people and they usually lighten your mood, but their timing is almost always off. You know what I mean. They come when you are really stressed to meet a deadline or when your to-do list has just grown to yet another page. Then as if that were not enough, the issue is complicated with the requirement to find 10 others within the allotted timeframe. Ever wondered what happened to those who only found 9 friends or missed the deadline? See below.

Seriously, when I’m home, I often enjoy the break from the routine and different perspectives that these anecdotes or pictures bring, but I don’t like the pressure that I must forward them or someone will think I don’t like them or miss a blessing from the Lord. That’s certainly not a fair assumption nor is it in any way accurate.

So from this point forward, be it hereto forward known: if you send me an email like those described above, know that if I don’t send it to you or 9 of my newest best friends, it has nothing to do with our relationship, past, present or future. I’ve enjoyed the message (or not) and have moved on. I may choose to share it, but I may be in a pinch and unable to do so.

There, I think this disclaimer should keep me safe from the ramifications pictured above. If not, you’ll know what to put on my tombstone.

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