What’s the classic response?

It’s amazing how you change as you mature. (Mature is a more politically correct, less offensive way to say age or get older.) 

When I was in high school, I loathed English class where we were required to read books like Don Quixote, Moby Dick, and other really long books fondly referred to as classics. (Would you believe some people in the class did not read or finish these selections?) The teacher would attempt to engage his pupils in discussion about the book’s virtues and insisted the author had a deeper meaning that should be relatively plain to us. Nine times out of ten, we missed it. 

I really struggled with those classes and could rarely see another story coursing through the pages. Melville’s use of the great white whale as a metaphor went right over my head. Now that I’ve matured and have more life experience under my belt, I can better see the story within a story.  I can appreciate the role character development and placement plays to deliver a message while providing a pleasurable experience to the reader. 

Although I have recently increased the number of books I am reading on a monthly basis, I think I’d like to change it up a bit to add some of the classics to my reading list, and this time I might even finish them.  I think I’ll start with a goal to read 3 this year. Any suggestions on which ones I should choose? What would be your classic response?

2 thoughts on “What’s the classic response?

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on Pride and Prejudice, and that might make a good addition to your list. I remember reading The Bell Jar in high school and that had a tremendous impact on me. It’s sad, but very good. I just started The Good Earth a few days ago. I also loved Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.

  2. We think alike. The Good Earth is on my list because of our Pearl Buck project, but Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice were considerations. Also thinking about Tale of Two Cities.

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