Blank Pages Don’t Scare Me

I have wanted to write a blog for years – really! Everyone I know who started one has said, “It’s easy! Go for it!” 

I’ve set out several times to tick this goal off the list, but those blank pages got the best of me.  Now, here I am several years later with no blog, but ready to go (again), determined not to let all of that white space get the best of me.

Do I have doubts? Of course. I am continually bombarded with questions of self doubt like, what do I have to say that others will find interesting? I’m just an ordinary woman, but here’s how I am choosing to look at these reservations today. Throughout my life, the Lord has blessed me with opportunities, and each one has contributed to the person I am today. These experiences did matter at the time, though many were in seemingly insignificant ways. Yet they had impact, and I’d like to share what I’ve learned. 

Many times, you’ll see that my thoughts and experiences will mirror your own while others of you may wonder what in the world was she thinking? In these instances, we can laugh about it together. You might even think that I’m totally off the wall. Great! Just add your feedback in the comment field.  That’s how we can both grow. Even if we continue to disagree, that’s okay.  We’ll agree to disagree.  And, since I enjoy learning, I might share something that’s new to me.  Feel free to react or respond. 

I also want to be sensitive to your time to read.  I’ll try to keep these brief, though those who already know me will understand how difficult this is for me. It’s hard for me to say anything in a concise and applicable way.  Nevertheless, I’m giving it a whirl. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Blank Pages Don’t Scare Me

  1. Thanks for your encouragement and mentorship. The process has moved from scary to fun and challenging to find something of interest. I am also learning to love conciseness.

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