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Do you need more time?


For all of us who need more time to get everything done, today, February 29, is the day! 


In theory, Leap Day gives us an additional 24 hours to dedicate to all those things we didn’t accomplish in the last three years. If this were true, we’d all be celebrating on March 1. Truth is, we don’t need more time. We all have the same number of hours each day. Most likely, we just don’t use them effectively or at least to their best advantage.  So what keeps us from being productive?  Here are a few things that I’ve got to work on. Ask yourself these questions to see if they can help you get back on track as well.


  •  Are you taking care to manage your health? Do you eat a minimum of 3 healthy meals a day?  Do you exercise regularly? (Walking counts!) Do you get sufficient sleep? An unhealthy lifestyle can make all of your great ideas ineffective because you don’t have the strength and stamina to see them through.


  •  Do you plan and prioritize what needs to be done? Making a To Do list is a great idea if it is realistic and the items are prioritized so that the most important and not necessarily the urgent ones get done. (We’re talking about the burning items that pop up, not real emergencies.) If your project list is long, don’t write it down every day.  That’s actually a time waster on two counts.  If you realistically have too many other items on your list for the day, not only do you not have time to get it done, but the lack of achievement drags you down. Instead, just right down what you actually need to do that day.  If you have extra time, then you can work on something from the main project list.  BTW – if you do get time to work on it, then add it to your list so you can realistically see where your time is being spent.


  •  Are you procrastinating?  You know what you have to do, but it still is not getting done.  Is it something you dislike doing? Is it overwhelming for any of a myriad of reasons?  If so, do it first and get it over with.  Just starting the project often produces the momentum you need to accomplish the task.


I could list more, but this gives me enough to work on for now.  Why not join me in taking this Leap Day challenge.  Keep it up and we may not need Leap Day when it comes around in 2016.   


Blank Pages Don’t Scare Me

I have wanted to write a blog for years – really! Everyone I know who started one has said, “It’s easy! Go for it!” 

I’ve set out several times to tick this goal off the list, but those blank pages got the best of me.  Now, here I am several years later with no blog, but ready to go (again), determined not to let all of that white space get the best of me.

Do I have doubts? Of course. I am continually bombarded with questions of self doubt like, what do I have to say that others will find interesting? I’m just an ordinary woman, but here’s how I am choosing to look at these reservations today. Throughout my life, the Lord has blessed me with opportunities, and each one has contributed to the person I am today. These experiences did matter at the time, though many were in seemingly insignificant ways. Yet they had impact, and I’d like to share what I’ve learned. 

Many times, you’ll see that my thoughts and experiences will mirror your own while others of you may wonder what in the world was she thinking? In these instances, we can laugh about it together. You might even think that I’m totally off the wall. Great! Just add your feedback in the comment field.  That’s how we can both grow. Even if we continue to disagree, that’s okay.  We’ll agree to disagree.  And, since I enjoy learning, I might share something that’s new to me.  Feel free to react or respond. 

I also want to be sensitive to your time to read.  I’ll try to keep these brief, though those who already know me will understand how difficult this is for me. It’s hard for me to say anything in a concise and applicable way.  Nevertheless, I’m giving it a whirl. Stay tuned.

Where do you wait for travelers arriving at the Philadelphia Airport?

If you’ve ever picked anyone up at the Philly airport, you may have endured a lot of traffic both outside and inside the complex in order to greet your guest(s).  Once you actually arrive, you may think that you have to encounter expensive short-term parking within the terminal a large distance from the baggage claim area.  Not so, Philly now offers another option – a FREE cell phone parking lot where you can wait for your party’s flight to arrive.  In theory, it’s the perfect idea.  No fees for parking and digital signage announcing incoming flights.  Can it get any easier? 

Well, if the digital signage actually reflected all of the incoming flights, especially the one you are waiting for, it might be more helpful.  Nevertheless, if you can connect via cell phone once they land and pick up their baggage, you’ll have no worries. The signage adds more entertainment value than being a critical piece of the process.  With that one call, you’re ready to meet at a designated spot, load up your vehicle and be on your way to bigger and better things. 

It really does work well, in spite of the irregular signage.  Just remember a few things: 

  • Ensure both you and those you are picking up have each other’s cell phone numbers and understand the procedure before the flight.  This may sound like a no brainer, but if neither of you have met previously, this could be critical.  I heard about someone picking up a business guest who patiently waited for his call while the person called a taxi because he thought his ride had not shown up.
  • Have your traveler obtain the proper gate designation before calling you 

Interested in learning more?  Visit 

Now, they can devote their time to figure out how to decrease the traffic volume in and around the airport … I think they have job security with this one.